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The St. Barnabas team

While in an extended interregnum pending the Pastoral Reorganisation Scheme in 2013, which was withdrawn in 2016, the PCC proved itself quite capable of arranging priests to sustain weekly worship while also looking to the sound running of the church, including its maintenance and finances. This is a resource that is available to any priest joining this church.

Our churchwardens Steven and Natasha are enthusiastic and passionate about the future of the church.  They work hard, with others, to look after the fabric of the church both maintaining it and ensuring possible improvements and developments are undertaken where possible. Natasha, is also church Treasurer and keeps our finances, including keeping the contracts and other practical aspects of church life, in order.  In addition, we have a second year ordinand, Belinda, who is also currently PCC secretary and Safeguarding Officer, as well as taking an increasing role in leading worship and preaching. 

Jon is our sacristan, who keeps the resources we need for worship in order and Elizabeth is responsible for the social and fundraising life of the church, along with her husband Peter.  Doreen, Pat, Pam, Mavis and Pauline run our increasingly popular Wednesday club, which reaches out in a very meaningful way to some of the most isolated members of our community. 

Many others in the congregation are involved in hospitality, practical upkeep and maintenance, readings and prayers. Everyone is willing to pitch in in some way to the best of their ability, for example, after the church service on the 23rd December, 13 members of the congregation stayed to make Christingles and decorate the church for Christmas.

We have a PCC of 8 members plus two Churchwardens and a PCC Secretary which meets four times a year, or more often when necessary.  We have one representative on the Deanery Synod, who is also elected to Diocesan Synod.  We pay an annual subscription to the very active North Gillingham Ministers Fraternal, an ecumenical group of local ministers, for our new Priest-in-Charge. This can be a useful mechanism for a joint approach to local issues such as homelessness, modern slavery, youth mission.


Discipleship is an area we would like to develop further.

Following the Mission-shaped Ministry course attended by two members of the church, the night shelter initiative became part of our missional activity and after LYCIG, we set up a small leadership team with a view to giving our worship and other activity focus. We have, however, been blessed over the years by the variety of sermons and different views expressed by the priests who take our Sunday morning service, leaving us with something to contemplate during the week.

On Thursday mornings a small bible study group meet, generally working through a different book in the bible. It is a wonder how often the passage being discussed seems to be so apt to the events of the week which tends to trigger some interesting discussions. A period of prayer is then held. During Lent the bible study is sometimes replaced by a Lent course. The group’s activity has extended to include Holy Communion once a month.