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The seventh station - Jesus falls the second time

Stations of the cross – 7

Jesus falls the second time Consider Philippians 2.6-8 Consider the second fall of Jesus under the cross; a fall which renews the pain in His body, yet He continued. We pray for the strength to pick ourselves up and keep going whatever life may throw

The sixth Station - Veronica wipes the face of Jesus

Stations of the cross – 6

Veronica wipes the face of Jesus Read Isaiah 53.2-3 Consider how Veronica, seeing Jesus so ill-treated, and bathed in sweat and blood, wiped his face with a towel. We pray for the courage to help those around us, whoever they may be, particularly those whom

The fifth station - The cross is laid upon Simon of Cyrene

Stations of the cross – 5

The cross is laid upon Simon of Cyrene Read Mark 15.21 Consider how the guards, fearing Jesus may not survive the journey, constrained Simon of Cyrene to carry the cross behind our Lord. We remember all those who work to help others, and particularly the

The fourth station: Jesus meets his blessed mother

Stations of the cross – 4

Jesus is met by his blessed Mother Read Luke 2.45-49 Consider this meeting of the Son and the Mother, which took place on this journey, The wounds this must have caused them, who loved each other so tenderly. We give thanks for our families, the

The third station - Jesus falls the first time under his cross

Stations of the cross – 3

Jesus falls the first time under his cross Read Isaiah 53.6-8 Consider the first fall of Jesus under his cross. He was weak and could scarcely walk. Yet He had to carry this heavy load upon his shoulders, and fell several times. We pray for

2 - Jesus receives the cross

Stations of the cross – 2

2 – Jesus receives the cross Read Isaiah 53.4-5 Consider how Jesus, in making this journey with the Cross, thought of us, and for us He offered to His Father the death He was about to undergo. We thank you Lord Jesus for your presence

Jesus is condemned to Death

Stations of the Cross – 1

In this Holy Week, as we look toward Jesus ‘ death and resurrection we walk with Him in the way of the cross. We will share reflections on the stations of the cross throughout the week, with photos taken at our Quiet Day at Aylesford

Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday

Today is Palm Sunday and as we cannot be together in church, Rev Liz has produced a video of the service and uploaded it to the St Mary and St Barnabas Gillingham YouTube Account. It will go live at 9.45am. Please join us. Palm Sunday

Rainbow of Hope & Love

Readings and thoughts for Sunday 29th March

5th Sunday of Lent – Passiontide begins Ezekiel 37.1-14Romans 8.6-11John 11.1-45 There are many rainbows around at the moment, a growing movement of a symbol of hope. The symbol given by God to Noah after the flood. We are a people of hope – we

The Christmas Truce

Virtual Lent Course – Lent 4

Consider the incredible events of this day, the carol Silent Night sung simultaneously in English and German. Picture in your mind’s eye the scene. What questions cross your mind?What hopes might you have had were you on the battlefield? This picture in the Peace Museum