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Virtual Lent Course – Lent 4

The Christmas Truce – 1914

Consider the incredible events of this day, the carol Silent Night sung simultaneously in English and German. Picture in your mind’s eye the scene.

What questions cross your mind?
What hopes might you have had were you on the battlefield?

This picture in the Peace Museum in Flanders commemorates the extraordinary ceasefire that came about among German and English fighters as they stopped to sing and play football together. Did this mark the onset of a reconciliation?

Lasting reconciliation is costly. Jesus by his sacrifice on the cross reconciled us to God. He showed that he was prepared to die for his friends. His way was not the way of the world.

Read Proverbs 16.7

  • What/Where are the areas in our world where we think reconciliation is needed?
  • How can we individually be God’s instruments in bringing this about?
  • Where do we see the Holy Spirit bringing about hope and reconciliation? Where needs prayer?

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