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Future arrangements

Dear All,

You will have heard that due to the new restrictions the churches are now all to be shut. This means for me as well as you. It is not a situation we could have wished or ever dreamed of, but we are the body, so we will continue to be “together” in the best way we can.

As you know everyone in the parish had a letter last week, offering what we could and giving out service resources. Now I can only do this on email and I am concerned that there are a number of people for whom I only have an address not email or phone, so I will not be able to keep contact. There is a poster up outside the church and they did all have my contact details in the letter last week. Please keep an eye out for those who I can’t keep contact with and keep me informed if anyone is in need of help.

My ministry at the moment is on text, phone and email, although Phil and I are not isolated we are sticking to the regulations. There are good resources on the church of England website, I drew on there last week. I shall continue to say a service here in my study on Sundays at 10am and celebrate the communion with you all in my prayers on Wednesday morning also at 10am. I will also be saying morning prayer at 8.30 – we are now using Zoom, and if anyone wants to join us let me know your mobile and I will get Natasha to add you to the group. Phil and I say night prayer at 9pm. My candle will burn in my window until this is over.

May God be with us all


Rev Liz Cox

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