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New Heating System

We have applied for a faculty to upgrade the heating and they ask that we display it electronically – here it is!

Message from Rev Liz Cox

We are pleased to announce that we will be re-opening for Sunday Services from this Sunday 5th July 2020. New service time will be at 11am every Sunday. This Sunday will be a Praise Service without communion.Communion Services will recommence on Sunday 12th July 2020.

Jesus is risen

Easter Sunday – He is risen!

As we celebrate our Lord’s resurrection this day, the service will be available on the St Mary and St Barnabas Magdalene YouTube channel at 10am today. The order of service can be found here: Easter Day order of service 2020  

Jesus is risen

Stations of the cross – 15

Jesus is risen Read John 20.11-18 Consider how Mary must have felt, going from despair to elation as she started to understand. We thank you Lord, for your sacrifice for us, and the hope of eternal salvation you bring.

The fourteenth station - Jesus is placed in the tomb

Stations of the cross – 14

Jesus is placed in the tomb Read Mark 15.42-47 Consider how the disciples, having buried their Lord must have felt. They did not understand it was not the end. We pray that all may come to know you Lord, and know that even when all

The thirteenth station - Jesus is taken down from the cross

Stations of the cross – 13

Jesus is taken down from the cross Read Matthew 27.55-58 Consider how Jesus mother and disciples’ felt as they took our Lord’s body from the cross, the fear of persecution not stopping them. We pray for all parents who have known the grief of having

The twelfth station - Jesus dies upon the cross

Stations of the cross – 12

Jesus dies upon the cross Read Matthew 27.45-54 Consider how Jesus, made the ultimate sacrifice for us, dying on the cross. We thank you Lord, that by your cross and resurrection you have set us free from sin and opened the way to glory.

The eleventh station - Jesus is nailed to the cross

Stations of the cross – 11

Jesus is nailed to the cross Read Luke 23.33-43 Consider how Jesus, having been placed on the cross, offered up his life for our salvation. We pray for the courage to forgive those who wrong us, not expecting anything in return.

The tenth station - Jesus is stripped of his garments

Stations of the cross – 10

Jesus is stripped of His garments Read John 19.23-25 Consider how roughly Jesus was treated, His garments torn from Him. Take pity on your Saviour so cruelly treated. We pray for those who have known violence in their lives, and particularly for victims of domestic

The ninth station - Jesus fall the third time

Stations of the cross – 9

Jesus falls the third time Consider Psalm 39.12-13 Consider the third fall of Jesus Christ, he could scarcely move but was given no respite. Lord, as we contend with the ongoing threat of Covid-19, help us to persevere in our isolation, for the protection of