Building Work 2015

The work is to add a kitchenette at the back of the church, with accessible toilets too.

The finished work pictures are right at the bottom of the page...

The first three photos show the area before work started.


The rest of the photos show the work as it progresses - starting with three photos from 5th March 2015 showing the framework of the new rooms beginning to take shape.

5th March 20155th March 20155th March 20155th March 2015

By 14th March 2015 the outside walls looked almost complete.

14th March 201514th March 2015

The photos from 21st March show the plastering is complete. But there seems to be quite a draught under the front door...

21st March21st March21st March21st March

The next stage wasn't very photogenic but will be very necessary - it's the drains! Pictures here from inside and outside.

28th March 201528th March 2015Drains

A week after Easter and all the construction work is complete and the woodwork has had its final coat of varnish

Doors are varnishedServery

New floor to ceiling cupboards now in the Hall enable us to keep the Church tidy

New cupboardsNew cupboards open

This is exciting - the new kitchen is in place

The new kitchen

It was a lot of work, but it will make a big difference to some who come to St Barnabas - there is now a step-free way into the building!

In the second picture, the view shows the new servery on the right and in the distance is the Lady Chapel altar

RampRamp and servery

Here's the bit we've all been waiting for - the finished result!

These pictures from 3rd May 2015 show how the facilities are properly accessible and fully usable. Our church now meets the needs of the congregation and the community.

New entrance wayNew serving hatchToilet

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